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Brittany Ferries


Show people that the water's just as inviting as the sky. 

That's what we thought when Brittany Ferries asked us to produce an animated web banner campaign. We knew people's first reaction when they book a holiday is to check flights. But we also knew that spending all your time in an airport lounge isn’t so fun. 

We wanted to show how much more relaxing and straightforward travelling with Brittany Ferries is. So we did just that.   


...Make it work. Web banners have limited time to grab attention, convey a message and convert their audience. Which meant we had to produce a series of adverts with straightforward calls to action that make people want to click through to the booking page. 

Just the sort of thing we're used to.  

High expectations

The banners needed to demonstrate the same level of quality as Brittany Ferries' existing communications. They had to continue the current TV ad's success. But without the luxury of one minute of film. When you're trying to drive traffic to a client's website with a small space to do it in, you can't afford to waste one pixel of it. We combined beautiful imagery with straight-talking words to produce animated banners in GIF and HTML5 formats.

Did it work?

Our banners ran regionally and nationally and brought more visitors to the Brittany Ferries booking page. All with a handful of kilobytes to work with.