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Mouth watering refresh

Freedom Brands know a lot about coconuts. Their GoCoco coconut water was picking up awards for its taste, but the packaging they had just wasn't working for them. We came in to help refresh the bottle designs and ended up assisting with the launch of two brand new products.



When they approached us, Go coco had a plastic bottle in place that looked too much like its competitors. We stripped things back and went for a minimal approach. Moving away from the beach imagery that other brands were using, we turned the focus onto what's inside the bottle - fresh, clean and natural coconut water.

Nudie snacks

Following our work with Go coco, Freedom Brands introduced us to their next project - Nudie Snacks coconut chips. The award-winning taste of these alternatives to crisps would be enough to get people hooked. But getting people to reach for them over the nation's favourite snack meant the packaging had to work hard to stand out. 

We gave Nudie Snacks a playful logo and commissioned illustrations that reflected the essence of the brand. Then, to get the ball rolling, we ran national adverts in fitness magazines and helped establish Nudie Snacks as serious contenders for lunch breaks. 


Gococo shakes

When Freedom Brands decided to make the leap into dairy-free milkshakes, they knew we'd get them looking their best. Like with our coconut water designs, we kept things simple. We added bold blocks of colour and a sad-looking, out-of-work cow to give the shakes a sweet look that isn't too sickly.

Household name