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Royal Huisman


Yachts to talk about

How do you convey the luxury of millions of pounds worth of yacht, over eighty pages? 
No mean feat. But Royal Huisman have always been in safe hands with us. We've been working alongside them for years, producing direct marketing pieces, books and brochures. They're a brand we're always excited to work with. Not least because we get to pore over beautiful images of their yachts.    

Royal Huisman's annual 'inhuis' magazine keeps readers up-to-date on the world of yachting. It comprises news, features and action shots to result in a great piece of content marketing. Each issue has to look at home on high-end coffee tables and feel as valuable as the brand it represents. 

Refined elegance

Working with the client for as long as we have, we knew we'd have a lot to work with. And we were right. 

We approached the latest iteration of 'inhuis' the same way we always do - trying to choose which images wouldn't make it into the magazine. Which is always the hardest part. 

To show off the clean shapes and perfect builds of the yachts, we combined breathtaking photography with balanced, neat design work. Bold, solid colours complemented the style perfectly. And the final pages were almost as beautiful as the real thing.   

Luxury feel

The resulting magazine showed the level of craftsmanship that Royal Huisman are known for. And gave customers a piece of high-quality print they wouldn't want to put down.