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John Bell & Croyden

John Bell & Croyden


Royal treatment

John Bell & Croyden has been looking after London's health and wellbeing since 1798. During our time working with them, we produced videos, ran adverts and put together in-store print pieces. 

Most recently, they commissioned us to work on a book honouring their rich history. There would only be fifty copies made and they were for the board members and Her Majesty herself. So they had to be perfect.

Quality materials

We started by visiting the shop and photographing objects from the store's 200 year history. We took pictures of everything - from vials harking back to the days of the apothecary to handwritten notes from historic figures. When we finished we had a daunting number of images to choose from.

Page turner

We designed the page spreads to be simple yet elegant enough to bear the John Bell & Croyden name. The finished books proved so popular that the in-store display copies we had made ended up being liberated from the shop.