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Star of the show

Produce a campaign to encourage a bit of healthy competition among NFU Mutual's sales development consultants. When your target audience is already notoriously competitive, your work has to be good enough to encourage them to go even further. So, when NFU Mutual wanted a promotional piece for a national competition, we were ready to throw our hat in the ring.

Make them the main event

There were four great experiences for the top performers in the country to win. But we knew that it was more than a weekend spa retreat or cooking lesson at stake, it was the competitor's pride. With this in mind, it was time to tap into their natural desire to be the best and offer them a chance to stand in the spotlight


NFU wanted the prizes to take centre stage in the campaign. We thought the best way to do this was to make them the backdrop for the four hottest, upcoming films. We created four posters showing off each prize as a movie title and came up with a logo and official name for the competition: the NFU Showcase. Once we had the concept ready and the posters looking perfect, we were ready to roll it all out. We decided that a film magazine was the ideal medium to announce the competition, the official rules and a breakdown of what's at stake, as well as feature interest pieces from the industry.

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